a Professional Land Surveying Company in Central Florida


Experience matters when selecting a land surveyor and at NWS each team member brings a careers worth to your project.


Pride and professionalism is a core element to every product delivered at NWS.

A local company you can trust

Take a look behind the scenes as we work and you will see that we value the inclusion of precision, accuracy and reliabilty in order to produce a quality land survey for your personal or business needs.


Discuss your concerns with our team leaders and they will demonstrate a high-level of awareness, concern and desire to give you a valuable survey product and great Customer Service.


Call Ralph (407-636-8460)  to arrange a preliminary consultation and request a proposal for our services.


Nieto Land Surveying, LLC is a M/WBE certified company with experience in residential and commercial, private and public land surveying in Central Florida especially in Orange, Seminole, Lake and Volusia counties. Our high-quality work and many years of experience have earned us an excellent reputation in the business and produced a loyal client base.  Whether you are interested in a fence-line stakeout, a foundation survey or establishing an ongoing partnership, we would be pleased to meet with you in our office located in Longwood, Florida.


Contact us today and let's get your project(s) underway. 

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