Our Management Team

Ralph Nieto – Owner, Office Manager

Ralph (left) and Daniel Whittaker founded Nieto Whittaker Surveying, LLC in Seminole County, Florida in 2009 after each had worked on residential, private commercial and public government projects for over 25 yrs with other land surveying firms. With their families deeply rooted in Central Florida, the two men knew they wnted to build their business where they could continue to contribute to the surrounding communities for years to come. Ralph assumed the Office and Project Manager roles that he continues in today. He is active in the local chapter of Florida Professional Land Surveyors and Mappers and has held the office of President a couple of times. In order to promote surveying careers in local high schools, he worked with the Seminole County Schools and Math teachers to administer a test to identify talent and skills needed by surveyors and engineers. Each year the program awarded a scholarship to one or more graduating student(s). This initiative lead to UCF offering classes in surveying. A program that has since been absorbed by the UF engineering curriculum. During the 7 years that Ralph's son was a member of BSA Troop 864, Ralph was a Troop Leader for the group and with other BSA supportive men took many middle and high school member on camping, hiking and fishing trips culminating in a two week hiking trip at BSA camp Philmont. As a result of his interest and talent as Bassist, Ralph has been in a few bands and currently perfroms as part of "Muddy Puddle" with some of his friends. 


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