Municipal Projects


Project: Aloma Elementary School, Winter Park,FL            Construction Layout and As Built/ Record Survey

Description of Work Completed:     Layout New Buildings on site. Set corners for the building envelope, grid lines and corridors. Set-up wall lines for all block walls, interior and exterior. Provide as-built surveys once construction is completed. Nieto Whittaker Surveying is to stake out ball fields, playgrounds, covered pavilions, walks, chillers and storage buildings in future phases of construction. Provide record drawings of improvements and ponds.


Project:    Endeavor Charter School, Seminole County. FL

Description of Work Completed:     We prepared signed and sealed As Built/ Record Drawings of the project infrastructure. Oversaw the data collection and provided drafting services in detailing the water, sewer and drainage systems for submittal to County and to the Design Engineer. The horizontal and vertical location of these utilities were shown over the design plans with pipe size, invert data, distance and slope (percent of fall) between structures labeled and identified.


Project: As- Built Survey Midway Elementary School, Sanford, Florida

Scope: Show horizontal and vertical location of the newly constructed Water, Sewer and Drainage improvements. Provide documentation and certify to the completeness and accuracy of the utilities, ponds and drainage structures


Project: Apopka Franco Haitian Church

Scope: Boundary, Topographic Survey and Tree location of multiple parcels making up site for proposed Church and parking. Future platting and construction layout. 


Project: Boundary Survey for Annexation of Shield Bearer Property into City Limits, City of Daytona Beach Shores

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